Best Snowboard For Under 200 Dollars

Looking for the best snowboard for under 200 dollars? Well you have clicked on the right blog! We have researched what we think is the best snowboard for people who are on a $200 budget. In addition we really think you will like the look of these snowboards as well! Now without further delay let get started!

Our #1 Recommendation For The Best Snowboard For Under 200 Dollars!

Name: Avalanche Source Snowboard

Price: $149.95


Best Snowboard For Under 200 Dollars - Avalanche Source Snowboard
Avalanche Source Snowboard

The Avalanche Source Snowboard is our best recommendation. It is has an awesome look and vibe that you can get for $149.95. This is an all mountain snowboard so you should have no problems using it down different slopes. The Avalanche Snowboard has a normal directional shape, so do not expect anything too crazy.

Futhermore this snowboard is a wonderful novice snowboard to get if you are just starting. This snowboard also has a medium flexibility and a waist width of 25 centimeters. Also please note there are no bindings that come with this board. We highly encourage you to get a nice pair of snowboard boots.

The Avalanche is known to be a sturdy snowboard and can increase in velocity quite quickly. Morever please note this board is not known to have lasting longevity . If longevity is not a problem for you then this is a nice affordable snowboard to have. If you really want some increased style with this snowboard wear some cool inexpensive goggles as well.

Honorable Mention For The Best Snowboard For Under 200 Dollars!

Name: Rome Garage Rocker Snowboard

Best Snowboard For Under 200 Dollars - Rome Garage Rocker Snowboard
Rome Garage Rocker Snowboard

Price: $149.99

The honorable mention goes to the Rome Garage Rocker! It has one color and is 148 centimeters. The Rome Garage Rocker Snowboard is a fantastic snowboard that is inexpensive!  Furthermore it’s well known for delivering high performance and a number of freestyle features.

In addition to its features it has a flat camber throughout the midsection. It also has a wood core that is imbued with Bambooster Centerline technology. This technology permits you to boost off jumps, gap onto kinked rails, and ollie off rollers without breaking a sweat. There are many awesome things that can be said about this snowboard, thus why we had to mention it to you.

So there you have it our opinion of the best snowboard for under 200 dollars! If you liked this post  feel free to share it with others! Thank you for you time and have a great day!

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