Best Snowboard For Under 200

Are you are looking for the best snowboard for under 200 dollars? Well you have come to the right place! Through much research we think we have found the most affordable snowboard for people who have a 200 dollar budget. Furthermore we really think you like the style of these snowboards as well! Now without further delay let us begin!

Our #1 Recommendation For The Best Snowboard For Under 200 Dollars!

Name: Avalanche Source Snowboard

Price: $149.95


Best Snowboard For Under 200 - Avalanche Source Snowboard
Avalanche Source Snowboard

The Avalanche Source Snowboard is our #1 recommendation. It is has a wonderful look and feel to it and furthermore you can get it for less than $200. This is an all mountain snowboard so you should have no problems using it down different slopes. The Avalanche Source Snowboard has a traditional directional shape, so don’t expect anything crazy.

In addition this snowboard is a great beginner snowboard to get if you are a beginner. This snowboard has medium flexibility, and has a waist width of 25cm. Please note there are no bindings that are included with this board. It is highly recommended that you get a good pair of snowboarding boots with this snowboard.

The Avalanche snowboard is known to be a durable board, and is known to pick up speed really quickly. Also we would like to mention this board does not have the longevity like a DC or Burton snowboard does. Besides it longevity issues this is a great inexpensive board to get your hands on.

Honorable Mention For The Best Snowboard For Under 200 Dollars!

Name: Rome Garage Rocker Snowboard

Best Snowboard For Under 200 - Rome Garage Rocker Snowboard
Rome Garage Rocker Snowboard

Price: $149.99

e thought we had to mention the Rome Garage Rocker Snowboard. It comes in only one color, and is 148 cm in size. The Rome Garage Rocker is a great snowboard to have furthermore it won’t break the bank! It has a great track record for delivering performance while offering an abundance amount of freestyle features.

In addition it has a flat camber throughout its midsection, and a wood core enhanced with Bambooster Centerline tech. This tech allows you to boost off jumps, gap onto kinked rails, and ollie off rollers with no problem. There are a lot of great things that can be said about this board, thus why we had to give it a honorable mention.

So there you have it our opinion of the best snowboard for under 200 dollars! If you found this post useful feel free to share it with others! Thank you for you time and have a nice day!

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